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Monday, April 16, 2012

What's it been, a month and a half?

Goddamn it, school. I've neglected this blog for too long. No review today- just a sort of heads-up. I'm going to start writing for this bitch again, and I'm gonna do it in lumps. I'm going to write 5-6 blog posts and then try to keep at least a 3 day buffer.

The problem I encountered was that my school days had me busy, and I'd fall behind, and then I'd crank a post out to placate myself. In all reality I wasn't pleased with any of it. It all just felt fake and bullshitty. I'm trying to effect positive change in my life right now, and goddamn it all to hell this fucking blows.

I have no excuse for my absence, I'm gonna try to get a buffer of posts up. I'm constipated- couldn't give a shit.

Have a live video of Black Sabbath playing N.I.B. in 1970.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So Lyluth, a band I'm quite friendly with, is trying to get to play the local Warped Tour stop this year... me gusta. These guys are awesome, and would really appreciate it if you go and vote for them.

Oh, and remember- back in the day they let me post a free download link to their EP. It can be found in this post.

Come on, gents, I'd love to see some local metal at Warped Tour, and this would make their year. It'll only take a minute, and it helps a good cause- LOCAL METAL!

Friday, March 2, 2012

I Thought I'd Share This List...

So, I thought I'd share a list of musicians I've met and rank them by how nice and personable they were when I met them.

Super-Nice Musicians!
MC Lars
Weerd Science
Less Than Jake (The whole band.)
Sin Theorem (Whole band.)

Polite Musicians!
Christopher Dudley (Keyboardist from Underoath)
John Thatcher Longley (MC Lars' drummer.)
Parallel 33 (Again, the whole band.)
Nabil Moo (Former member of I Set My Friends On Fire.)

Too Fucking Worried About Looking Good To Speak To Their Fans Like People
(Not a fan, but I did meet them.)

The Rudest Fucking Person I Ever Met
(No, seriously, Dweezil Zappa is a fucking asshole.)

Hilariously Intoxicated In Public

(Seriously, though. Lighten up, Dweezil.)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free Music!? That I Can Deal With

Today I was standing around outside at my school and I showed an older (early fifties) student my Misfits tattoo.

Obligatory photo of said tattoo.

Some dude walked by and said "Hey, man, you dig on ICP and stuff, right?" To which I responded "Yep!" He digs around in his messenger bag for a moment and says "Well, merry Christmas!" and... hands me this.

So, you see, even though it's silly my 5X ICP shirt gets me free shit. YEAH!

Oh, and if you're wondering about the content- it's pretty hit and miss. I mean if you like Psychopathic's general fare then you'll enjoy it, some of the songs are pretty good, some aren't. I guess you can kind of expect that with something like this- it is a collection of mixtapes, after all. Here's one of the better tracks that I've listened to so far. (I've had these for two hours, I just thought this was a funny story to share with you guys.)

Monday, February 27, 2012

New Job for a Cowboy album!?

According to The PRP Job For a Cowboy is releasing a new album come April 10th. I could not be more excited.  The album is titled "Demonocracy." The track list has been released, but for those too lazy (I know I would be) to click the link here it is.

01 – “Children Of Deceit“
02 – “Nourishment Through Bloodshed“
03 – “Imperium Wolves“
04 – “Tongueless And Bound“
05 – “Black Discharge“
06 – “The Manipulation Stream“
07 – “The Deity Misconception“
08 – “Fearmonger“
09 – “Tarnished Gluttony“

Oh, yes, and this album might have the most brutal cover I have ever seen on album... ever.


Some of you might not be familiar with Job For a Cowboy they're a metalcore... death metal... gri- SCREW IT! THEY SOUND LIKE THIS!

(Fun fact- I'm IN this video for a couple seconds.)

Friday, February 24, 2012

We've got this notion that we'd quite like to sail the ocean...

So I get these patches of musical fixation. Sometimes my girlfriend enjoys them. Sometimes she likes them.

More recently, however, she came over and I was listening to the album 15 Counts of Arson by His Hero Is Gone. It would be worth mentioning that I spent FOREVER trying to acquire a copy of this album. You know what? She didn't like it. I told her if she could correctly tell me the name of the genre I'd turn it off.

Guess what?

My girlfriend doesn't know what crust punk is.

This pleases me.

Monday, February 20, 2012

How music helped me get over the fear of public speaking

So, when I was very young (probably from the ages of 7-14) I went to a Southern Baptist church. Being raised Southern Baptist was... an experience. At any rate, this post isn't about religion.

At the church that I went to there was a VERY elderly woman with an absolutely incredible singing voice. She knew I liked hearing her sing a particular hymn, and I'd sometimes as her if she'd sing it for me. With a wink and a grin she'd say "I'll sing a solo if you sing a solo for me first."

The first few times this didn't work, but eventually I did it. Then she asked me to help her get to the front so she'd take my arm and we'd walk, very slowly, up to the front of the church. I helped her up the stairs to the pulpit, got her a microphone, and she sang this hymn... and even though I'm no longer religious her singing this hymn is still the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. (And it's a beautiful hymn as it is, and she just KILLED it.)

I wish I had a recording of her,
we'll have to make due with Johnny Cash.

And years later I realized what she did- because of her making me sing a song for her first I can sing in front of a crowded gymnasium, a church congregation, I can speak in front of a college classroom, in front of a news camera (that's a hell of a story in and of itself) with out fear. I have no fear of public speaking. Zero. And it's all because of the kind old woman who made me sing for her before she'd sing for me.