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Saturday, July 16, 2011

666 View Special!

I was going to save this review for a later date, and work on the Ramshackle Glory one, but when I saw my blog hit 666 views a few hours ago I knew the time was NOW!

The Bloody Pit of Horror by GWAR (the album I firmly believe should have won the Grammy for best album) was released last year, and it is fantastic. I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a GWAR album this much. Now, keep in mind when I say that - I saw GWAR last November, and when I arrived at the venue I stripped naked from the waist up and started screaming. Seriously. (Then I realized I'm really fat, had no shirt, and bought a GWAR shirt.)

 Song not on this album, I just love it.

The Bloody Pit of Horror starts out with four tracks which were recorded together as one track,  and tells the epic tale of GWAR leading an army of zombies to war with all of the living inhabitants of earth, to feed them to a being, or sentient landmass, or something, called the Blood Pit of Horror. (It's GWAR, guys, not delving into philosophy here.)

Then we continue into a normal GWAR album. Yelling threats and vulgarities at the top of their lungs, sick beats, awesome music and never-ending fun. I'm not even playing, guys, I love GWAR more than I could ever tell you.

Ah, that beloved 12 minute opening track.


  1. It would be a nice if you putted some youtube videos along with your posts so we can know what you're talking about. Nevertheless I checked these guys out on youtube and they're pretty cool. :>

    I love their music videos lol. But I could never figure out what they're saying when they're screaming. Will need to check out lyrics to know what the songs about.

  2. A friend of mine got me into this type of music recently. I think I first heard of GWAR when I was playing a Beavis and Butthead game for the Sega Genesis. :D Welp... added them to my playlist! Good review!

  3. Gwar is wild as shit, didn't know they were still doing anything. I thought that Lordi was the "new" GWAR

  4. Hm. I think you're right, J. I'll add a few vids throughout.

  5. And Cory- apparently Lordi was unaware of the existence of GWAR, and Oderus believes Lordi, but they still make fun of them.