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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Jokerr

Well, let me say this up front- it's not easy to write or talk about any horrorcore rap artists without using ICP as a baseline. Those guys from my hometown are the ones who really put the genre on the map, love them or hate them, they're the main reason people know the genre exists. So, with that in mind I bring you... The Jokerr.

The Jokerr is an underground horrorcore musician from Arizona who raps in the persona of a court jester, using an angry driving voice in his music. His beats are fun and very reminiscent of that time I went to the techno-renaissance fair. (That didn't happen, that was just a comparison, people. Come to think of it, I would go to an event called the techno-renaissance fair.)

His lyrics are inventive, not inventive like some rappers where you're just going "THAT DOESN'T EVEN RHYME! HE JUST PRONOUNCED IT WRONG!" just inventive where you're listening and listening, and a rhyme completes and it's just like "HA! Okay..."

I've been listening to his album Welcome To The Show, which has spoken track introductions by a woman with an English accent, in keeping with the idea that he's the maniacal jester of some nobleman. He is, according to the intro on "My Omniverse" "a patron of lyricism in all it's forms" which he proves in that track by... you know what, just listen to it.

Now, because of the market that this sort of thing goes to Jokerr has to appeal to the Juggalo community- a bunch of white kids (for the most part) that are very disenchanted with society, and feel like no one really has the same concerns or fights the same battles that they do. So we have a song called "I Don't Fit In" with this chorus-

"Hey, I don't fit in, and it’s okay
I'm with you now, I feel your pain
I know it’s wrong, I know it hurts
Believe me though, it could be worse

I tried and tried, to no avail
I did it all, I only failed
So here I bring a simple song
If you feel the same, come along"

So, we just have what I suppose is pretty common these days- a struggling rapper with a small audience looking for a bigger one. I think the best way to put it would be this- if you dig ICP or any of the related artists and want a fun listen to kick back with some night you would do well to pick up some music from The Jokerr, I think you'd dig it. And just so you really know what's up with The Jokerr, not just a non-typical song for him here's "Give Me Your Eyes!"


  1. OMG dude, this song is truly impressive. I heard every music two times and I'll replay now!

  2. Eh this isn't my type of music, but I'll admit he's good at what he does

  3. Why had I not heard this before?
    Very nice music you share with us. :)

  4. Hmmm, I dunno. Horrorcore? Sounds a bit silly to me. Not really my thing.

  5. interesting stuff you've got here! :P

  6. Sick ! Awesome post, thanks for sharing ! Btw like the blog, followed and supported ^^

  7. LOL, i played in a band, called the jolly joker

  8. "Believe me thought, it could be worse"
    This is the phrase people who lives with me most hear.
    Nice songs, man. Like all the other ones you've posted. Congratz

  9. as always ill give it a listen and decide whether to add to my library or pass.

  10. this is tight homie whoop whoop.

  11. added to my list!

  12. didnt know about the jokerr. nice tracks! +followed

  13. I know you dont care about my opinion but....the joker sucks :)

  14. I don't know man. That's not my thing. :) lol. You like das racist?

  15. Major.Mack- Hey, this is just my opinion, broski. Not even saying it's right.

    Rockinrule- I've heard good things about Das Racist, but not heard them. What would be a good place to start?

  16. Interesting :)
    Probably not my cup of tea though.