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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Live The Dream

Okay, so for those of you who saw the post where I posted the video of More About Alcoholism this is the album that song came from. Ramshackle Glory is the newest musical adventure of punk musician Pat The Bunny. Other projects of his include Johnny Hobo and the Freight Train, Wingnut Dishwashers Union, and Playtime Posse. (I don't like to talk about that last one.)  These are all folk punk, by the way. The best kind!

Now, if you dig around on the internet long enough you can find places where Pat has posted his music online for free. He won't play or sell any of his old music anymore, he feels like the places he was at while recording those songs don't reflect him as a person anymore.

He got out of a year-long stint in rehab earlier this year, and this album came out in June. The lyrical content of his music is ALWAYS amazing (except Playtime Posse) but this album takes the cake. The lyrics on this album are the most heartfelt, amazing, beautiful things I've ever heard. The difference between this and his older work is that rather than talking about smoking and drinking away his problems he talks about how he's doing his best to get through them.

I recently made a 600-mile drive with nothing but this album and my thoughts for company. I think that if you ever need to invoke serious change in your life you need to do that- just be alone with music and your thoughts for hours and hour on end. By the time this drive was coming to a close I wasn't even that upset when I was involved in a three-car pileup and almost died. (If the car had struck my car any further back, or if I had been going any faster my car probably would've exploded.)

I think if I had to tell any one what this album was about I'd tell them "Never forget that you're stronger than you think, and never give up."

So I think I'll leave you with two things, the album cover. (That's Pat on the bottom left.)

The reason for the orientation is the album was also released on cassette.

And my second favorite song on the album.

Godspeed, guys. And thank you for reading my blog, and thanks for all your kind words and support, like Pat, and like many others I feel that I am now living the dream.


  1. that was good. "with a 12-gauge under his pillow" totally caught me off guard.

  2. nice song, following your blog!

  3. awesome tune. i like his name.

  4. Will surely get some of his songs!

  5. I like the Cover Art of this band. The music in general is a bit too hard for me, but still an interesting experience.