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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

100 Followers Live Show Story Spectacular! (Or, Frank Carter's Spectacular Brokencyde Rant!)

In summer of '09 I went to my first Warped Tour. I was particularly excited for one band- Gallows. Gallows is a hardcore punk band from Britain, headed by tattoo artist Frank Carter. Frank is scary as Hell, and looks like this.

So, he wanders out on stage, cursing like a sailor, and says "Do you people have any idea how hot this is? This is INSANE! I could never live here and... you know what, no. Nothing is worse than what happened to me yesterday. My trailer was right next to the Skullcandy stage last night, and while I was trying to relax BROKENCYDE WAS PLAYING! I tried so hard to get out of my contract to do this tour. You have no idea. I would have given up doing the rest of this tour just to get as far away as humanly possible from them. Brokencyde is the DEATH of music. There is nothing in the world worse than that! I really wish they'd go kill themselves. Now, maybe that isn't fair, because they could be nice guys, I'LL NEVER KNOW! I could not possibly try to befriend them, when they make... THAT! Now, I'd feel kinda of bad if they heard this and really did kill themselves... no... no I wouldn't. I would put it on my gravestone- "I F***ING KILLED BROKENCYDE!" Okay... well... oh look! It's a bunch of queers on the hill! HEY! THIS IS A PUNK SHOW, YOU CANNOT SIT ON THE HILL! EVERYONE GIVE THEM THE FINGER! (We all did.) Well then.. GET THE F*** BACK!"

At this point he jumped off the stage, and proceeded to start singing in the pit. The guitarist was in there as well, swinging his guitar like a baseball bat, yelling at the top of his lungs. I had numerous bruises on my chest from the mic stand and the guitar. Did not care. Frank continues these rants throughout his whole set, including constant defamation of Brokencyde and the people sitting on the hill.

Why would I not care? Because I heard this damn song live!

Fixed now, but why the hell would someone upload a censored version of this song?

Thank you, my followers, because without you my blogging wouldn't be fun, and I enjoy this more than anything- thank you for your continued support. Godspeed, gents.


  1. Seems like you had a hell of a time.

  2. I've never been tot he Warped Tour, but many friends of mine tell me it is very awesome. I'd like to go there someday.

  3. gz on the 100 followers :)
    looks fun!

  4. Gallows are fucking mental. Seen them twice, once at Leeds Festival and once at a small venue called Moho in Manchester - both times were absolutely insane.

  5. contrats on the 100 followers! :)

    and, the gy ain't that scary for me :P

  6. @Diego He's a small wiry guy, I'm 6'2" and 325 pounds. He could climb me like a tree.

  7. Carter does like to interact with the crowd, he is a great frontman. What speed is Godspeed anyway?

  8. Aw, why'd you have to remind me that Brokencyde exists :\

  9. i like this. especially because it starts of flow and clam then hits hard.

  10. That's some awesome story :)
    I had to google Brokencyde. Hmm, I heard these guys once before, lol'd and forgot about them. I should download some of their stuff just to troll people with it. They're probably troll band anyway... right? Riight?

    Gallows sound cool though.