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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Music and Video Games

So, when Halo: ODST came out my friends were pretty excited. I didn't particularly care, I was too damn broke to buy it. But, one of them inevitably brought it over to my house. We didn't play deathmatchs online, we didn't play the campaign. We played firefight mode. For those of you who don't know Firefight is an endless onslaught of progressively harder enemies in waves. You see how long you can last. We lasted six hours. The six hours were ALL spent listening to these two songs on repeat. I kid you not.

Particularly relevant because we spent much of the six hours in two "chopper" vehicles.

As some might not know Austrian Death Machine is a band consisting of one guy from As I Lay Dying and the songs are all references to line from Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. All of them. And they're amazing.

And then this... just because.

We wouldn't have been able to keep going that long without music. The high-energy extreme metal we were listening to kept us pumped up and on our toes, ready to grenade, rocket, drive, and blast our way to victory.

Next we deal with music actually from video games. I've always been horrible at Mega Man games. Just not something I'm skilled with. (WoW and Elder Scrolls games have always been more my thing in terms of skill. I can enjoy practically any genre of game.) Mega Man 2 is renowned for it's incredible soundtrack. A Portuguese band named 8-Bit Instrumental did an album of all of the music from Mega Man 2. I find their version of the password screen music particularly relaxing.
I used to sleep listening to this song. The whole album is dope as Hell.

8-Bit Instrumental does exactly what it sounds like. They make instrumental versions of the music from 8-bit video games. I don't know if anything came of it but there were rumors of them having a hand in the making of the music for Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

Speaking of which, if you're into the music from the Pokemon games at all (and you had better be) listen to this remix album from OCRemix. Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks.

This album has some most excellent remixes of tracks from Red and Blue versions. My favorite is the Team Rocket HQ music by Tweek. Used to listen to it at work a lot because it didn't have an vulgarity in it.


  1. My two passions. :D

  2. That Austrian Death Machine is great but six hours of it and Halo must have fried your brain. I'm off to the chopper.

  3. Austrian Death Machine is the highlight of my day so far. That's awesome and deserves time for research!

  4. That's some things I haven't done for a long time! Play a video game with a friend for hours! I love to play Civilization3 by my self (14-18 hours a day over a three day weekend) and watch the same tv shows on DVD over and over again!