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Saturday, October 22, 2011

This is Bob's Idea of Fun

So, a fun dude I met through blogging named Bob suggested that I review Girl's Generation, specifying a song. I think he was trying to pull one over on me. Joke's on him. Disturbing as it is, the song he mentioned it catchy as Hell. It sounds pretty much exactly like something you'd hear on the radio here in America, just not in English.

Not to mention... I don't think you'll be seeing any of those YouTube fad comments saying "I find this difficult to masturbate to" on their music videos... I just don't think it's going to happen. But, hey! If you're into the J-Pop thing (you know who you are) and you want something catchy and fun to listen to go right ahead... by all means.

He also suggested I listen to the Red Army Choir. Little does he know one of the most played songs on Windows Media Player on my old laptop is this

I love the red army choir. I love them because they show a level of nationalism and pride that I've never been able to understand until I heard their music. Even though I have no idea what they're singing the music makes my heart swell and a grin spread onto my face.

I've always been interested in the music that came from fanatical political movements (also interesting is that American conservatives are trying to claim Skrillex, which is just weird) and so when I was fiddling around on YouTube doing my thing listening to the red army choir I bumped into a National Socialist Black Metal group I'd never even heard of before. Something about the idea of modern-day Nazis just makes me laugh. It really does.The idea of someone looking at the images in this video with any kind of fondness is just ridiculous to me.

Bob also referenced Chiasm.... uhh... well. 14 year old me would've eaten this up. 14 year old me would've thought this was the deepest most meaningful music in the world... 14 year old me was an idiot. But, that would be apparent if you saw a picture of me at 14.

Nevertheless, I must compulsorily link a YouTube video. Also, an artist including brackets in her name? I CAN'T GET BEHIND THAT! (Anyone who knows what that is.. you're awesome.) I'm down with electronic music, but this is just horseshit. This is electronic music's answer to The Sisters of Mercy. This is what happens if Marilyn Manson suffers brain damage and is given a keyboard and some Gak.

He also suggested that I listen to Cechomor, who he previously covered on his own blog. They're a Czech folk band... and I love them. These guys represent everything that's right with folk music. Fun, energy, excitement, tradition, and just enjoying yourself playing music. (Any time someone pulls out a fiddle I'm a happy guy!)

Go check them out on his blog. Go right ahead, here's a hyperlink. Click it. Now.

Be sure to check out Bob's blog, he's a great guy and his blog is interesting and informative, with touches of comedy where needed. He also loves redheads. (But not death metal.)


  1. How DARE you! Girl's Generation is K-pop, not J-pop. There's a big difference! K-pop is more... errr .... Korean. :/
    Yeah, they're kinda fappable I suppose. They even have a part for feet fetishists in this song at 2:40. :)

    I like Red Russian Army Choir also. I actually have been to their concert. Great concert, great experience. :)
    I don't think they're "fanatic" nationalists or whatever. I guess their roots are there. They mainly play/sing russian folk songs, not really anything ideological. They also do some more modern songs sometimes.
    I also think, that Communist Russia wasn't that much more fanatical, than what is Capitalist US now, but that's for a different topic.
    The song you link to is of course a Russian national anthem.. not only CCCP, they kept it up till now and I can understand why, because it's pretty epic.
    Their official name is cool also: "The A.V. Alexandrov Russian army twice red-bannered academic song and dance ensemble"

    I like Chiasm.. I dunno. Her music has an interesting atmosphere to it. I guess it's a bit hip-dark though. :/

    Čechomor is totally awesome.

    Cool, that you covered all of them, nice job. :)

    Thanks for promoting my blog, mate.
    Redheads kick ass, right? :)

  2. I can't play that SS band's song - not available in my country. National socialistic ideology is kinda banned here, so I guess, they have to ban even some stupid band. Yay for freedom of speech!

    Oh well, I'll have to live without that.

  3. @Bob Redheads do indeed kick ass.

    The SS band... eh, they're alright. I find it odd that they're censored in that manner. O.o

  4. Dylanthulhu: In Czech Republic.
    You can kinda tell from me talking about two Czech groups. :)
    The free speech problems are not bigger than anywhere else, really. Which means it sucks, but not more than is standard. Comunism for example is not banned at all. We actually have communist party in government.. they're not too big though.

    This Nazi thing is one of the rare cases, where we are a bit worse off than some other countries. But I'm sure there are some cases, where we are a little better off.. probably.

  5. Bob: Well, I talk about plenty of Norwegian musicians and I'm not Norwegian. ;)

    I think that's really interesting that Nazism, specifically, is banned.

  6. Dylanthulhu: You're right I suppose. But Norwegian music is probably a bit more known than Czech one.

    The thing is, that the Czech part of the former Czechoslovakia was the second invaded country by Nazis. We were the Germans' Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia for around 5 years and there were few not too nice things happening (Lidice).

    I guess some hostility arose from that.
    After the war we forcefully exiled the Sudeten Germans out of our country. That wasn't too nice either.. a lot of them died. That kinda proves, that we did not like Germans too much after WW2 and I guess that banning was brought up during those times.. not entirely sure if it actually is from that time, but it would make sense I think.

    I still find this censorship stupid though.

  7. I have a soft spot for asian girl groups... well maybe not so soft. Anyway, it's a healthy craving, I think.

  8. @Bob I find all censorship stupid.

    @Sub-Radar-Mike I hear ya, buddy.

  9. Firstly: "also interesting is that American conservatives are trying to claim Skrillex" do explain! I'm not a gigantic Skrillex fan, but this is ridiculously interesting to me.

    The asianness is eh.. everything else kicks ass though. Especially the Russian national anthem which is always a nice listen.

    And the comments are about as fun to read as the post. Nice going guys!

  10. Conservapedia previously cited this music video

    As being symbolic of liberals (the pedophile) preying on our children.

  11. Nazi black metal? lol
    I thought black metal was just about nihilism; f*ck everything.

  12. My 2 Pesos: Nope. A lot of black metal has national socialist leanings. A LOT. Absurd, Astrofaes, Graveland, Hate Forest, and Temnozor are just the ones I could find with a quick wikipedia search.

    (Heh, if we say "Nazi" any more in relation to this post it's going to get ridiculous.)

  13. I don't know whats the bigger scurge on this earth: pop music or nazis?

  14. oh wow, nazi wanna be's, but the other music isn't that bad at all.

  15. I hate J-pop, but cannot say the same about the videos xD

  16. Girls Generation wasn't too shabby but to be honest I think they're selling their looks more than their music. Wow the Red Army Choir is incredible, they sound awesome.

    No comment on Nazi's they are long gone and dead.