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Monday, September 5, 2011

Godzilla Was On Vacation...

So, a looooong time ago... when I started this blog, as a matter of fact, I did a review of Indie Rocket Science by MC Lars. Well, I've had in my possession for quite some time my pre-order copy of his new album Lars Attacks! It came in a nice hand-addressed envelope almost a full month before the album actually comes out. It actually comes out.... tomorrow.

For those of you not familiar with MC Lars he is a nerdcore rapper... kind of. He touches on a lot of subjects that nerdcore rappers don't normally touch. For instance- almost every nerdcore rapper I've heard mention their religion has been an atheist. Lars? Not so, and he openly talks about Christianity in a few songs on Lars Attacks! (I'm not that excited about Christianity, the title of the album has an exclamation point in it.)

On Lars Attacks! Lars decided to go with less guest artists (His previous album had at least 34 that I can count, I believe this one has 5 that I know of.) and to get back to his roots and just make a hip-hop album. This album did include guest performances by Weerd Science (Also known as Josh Eppard, Coheed & Cambria's previous drummer and current drummer of Terrible Things.) and the avant-garde rapper of the century Sage Francis.

As for what I thought of the album- I enjoyed it a lot. It included a lot of the same fun that his previous albums did, but with a lot more serious tones in some of the songs. While I would actually say I enjoyed his album This Gigantic Robot Kills more there is absolutely nothing wrong with Lars Attacks! and I would recommend it to anyone at all interested in hip-hop or nerddom or having fun. HAVE AT YE! HERE'S THE DAMN TITLE TRACK!


  1. RAP is not my choice of music, but thanks for sharing anyway. Followed.

  2. I like rap, but only oldschool rap. I hate all new rappers.

  3. Public Enemy are my rappers of choice, great album titles though.

  4. I'm kinda like Pesos, I only like oldschool and some alternative rap. This doesn't do it for me.

  5. I'm not interested in having fun >:(

    But I like how this sounds anyway.

  6. i like this, usually i don't, but something about this gets to me... although i hate the way the guy with the teeth looks.