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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Mother F***ing GOBLIN!

So, I had heard so much about this album I wanted to punch WHOEVER that is on the cover in damn face. I finally got it and listened to it... and God, I hated it. However, I continued. By the end of the album I found myself nodding my head and laughing at some of the juvenile humor/lyrics and smirking at the more gruesome ones. Tyler, the Creator has a hold on me.

Now, as you all saw from my Jokerr review I happen to like horrorcore. I don't know if I'd really call this horrorcore, but it's pretty close. The beats are pretty understated in the songs, almost feeling like they're not there at times. Then I looked up the artist/producer for this album, and some info about him. I'm six days older than him.

Seriously. He was born on the sixth of May 1991.
Which, coincidentally, was my due date. Odd.

This album is really impressive when you realize it was performed and produced by a man who is just barely 20 years old. I think he deserved every bit of the VMA best new artist award that he won for the sheer amount that he has accomplished as a recording artist at that age. Now, I'm going to post a video, but hold your fire. I couldn't even listen to this song in full the first time I listened to the album. It really grows on you. I don't know why. (Also, the video's really cool, but simple.)

The cockroach thing made my girlfriend puke.

And so- if you take anything away from this review, even if you don't like Tyler the Creator, don't give up on an album if you don't like it immediately. Goblin has become the soundtrack to my workout sessions. Breathe in your music, don't just listen to it.


  1. I got it already!! :D

  2. I thought the cockroach was cool :D

  3. I really dislike his homophobic speech. I'm so freaking tired of rappers thinking it's all fun and games to speak with such bitter hatred. Don't they realize they're being no better than the KKK?
    It's pathetic, and I won't support artists who use such hate speech.

  4. I hear that a lot, Timothy, and I see where you're coming from but I agree with what he had to say on it. Mostly because I don't really see using offensive slurs out of context as being bad.,_The_Creator#Criticism

    Or, as Randall said in Clerks 2.

    "She never actually called any jews sheenies, she just used to say sheeny curse a lot."

    The language you use is, more than most people think, a product of your environment.

  5. "I'm a fucking walking paradox"
    No you are walking herpes

  6. I enjoyed the early stuff like bastard & rolling papers, need to give this a proper listen

  7. Good advice on the breathe thing, although I sighed when I saw this was a 'goblin' review, and not 'goblincock', they also rock.

  8. Wow, Shockgrubz. Someone else who knows Goblincock. O.O

  9. I keep thinking you mean Goblin, the synthesizer band that did the music for the Dario Argento films.

  10. Lmao hilarious, I dont like that cover either