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Monday, September 12, 2011

Songs that remind us of people

So I think about this often- there are songs that remind me of people. Whether it's because they played said song for me the first time I heard it or the lyrics remind me of them or just the general feeling of the song makes me think of the times we've shared.

For instance-

This song will always remind me of my girlfriend, not even for the sappiness/romantic themes of it, I was just really into the song around the time I met her.

Please State The Nature of The Medical Emergency by Warp 11 will always remind of my friend Jim because the first time I heard it was in his car on the way to a music festival with him.

Willkommen Folk Tell Drekka Mest! by Trollfest will always remind me of Rusty, one of my oldest friends because when we were 16 we skipped school one day and spent the whole day jumping around his house listening to Trollfest.

Skatanic by Reel Big Fish will always remind me of the hours upon hours my friend Justin and I spent driving around our home town screaming the lyrics out of his truck windows. Time well spent, my friends.

To The Rats by Trivium will remind me of my homeboy Levi because of all the drunken nights when we've blasted the song in his car on way to the liquor store. (Before drinking, of course, we're responsible gentlemen.)

These songs will always hold fond memories for me, there will never be a time when these songs will fail to make me smile, wherever and however I roam. I wonder sometimes, though- do these people have the same feelings about songs toward me? Are there songs that remind people of me and fill them with warm remembrance?

I asked my girlfriend because I know she knows exactly what I'm talking about when I speak of these sorts of things. (She really gets it when I talk about abstract emotional concepts.) She said that this song reminds her of me.

I asked her why and she told me it's because ever since she met me years ago I've never felt at home anywhere- I always felt lost and lonely and hopeless. And I guess that might be true, but I think things are looking up, finally.

I guess there might be a song that defines me out there somewhere, but right now this is the best I can come up with.

Oh, so my girlfriend and I's second anniversary was on Friday... she bought me a Zippo! Woo!

Oh yeah, and I might have cut my hair or something. Maybe.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! I love how songs remind us of people or places or time. Sometimes it's rather annoying when I hear something on the radio that reminds me of someone I wish I could forget. On the other hand, some songs remind me of summer, others of loved ones, and a select few remind me of leveling in the World of Warcraft because I was really into them back when I leveled my first toon. They're not all bittersweet.

  2. Heh, Burzum reminds me of running Ragefire Chasm because I farmed it for hours on end for some piece of gear or another.

  3. Really interesting and thinkful songs, thank you!

  4. Loving this so far, new songs to listen to. Without you I wouldn't have tried to check anything else out.

  5. I can't think of any such song. I don't get out much. :/
    There are some songs that remind me of my "teen" days.. heh
    Like this:

  6. I have at least one song that reminds me of just about everyone I care about, some songs that remind me of certain days or experiences and it's the best. It's the reason I often just play my music on shuffle and wait for memories to kick in.

  7. I know that feeling. Those songs didn't remind me of anyone, but there are quite a few songs that i associate directly with people close to me.
    BTW, nice present you got :)

  8. There are certain songs that as soon as I hear them, take me back to a certain time or a particular memory. They say our sense of smell can do that to us too.
    Love Zippo lighters. Awesome gift!

  9. Only songs I can think of are of people I don't want to remember :S

  10. yes, there are many stimuli that can evoke a response that causes us to remember people/events

  11. Great song!
    Check me out =)

  12. Reel Big Fish is a very good band. :D

  13. Happy anniversary, I like most of those videos, reminded me of my ex though, so I don't like them as much as I would've otherwise. Nice blog :).

  14. It´s almost impossible to not remember someone with these songs.
    And congratulations for you guys. You're a really nice couple. <3

  15. These are some nice songs. Congratulations! +Followed!

  16. I do this too! I also remember specific conversations when I hear certin songs!