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Friday, September 16, 2011

Until The Light Takes Us

So, I recently had the pleasure of viewing this brilliant documentary about black metal called Until The Light Takes Us. UTLTU features interviews with the following musicians-

Fenriz of Darkthrone
Varg Vikernes (He's Burzum, the whole band.)
Hellhammer of Mayhem
Abbath and Demonaz of Immortal
Bjarn Melgaard (A visual black metal artist)
Garm of Ulver
Frost of Satyricon and Gorgoroth
Faust of Emperor

One of these men (Vikernes) was in prison at the time of filming and one concealed his face and voice for some reason or another. The documentary's title is the English translation of the Burzum album Hvis lyset tar oss a critical and influential album in black metal circles.

The documentary was very informative, in a way. Not too much information about the formation of black metal was there, but the psyche and ideas that resulted in it are very apparent. What really amazes a lot of people is the personal side of these musicians- behind the corpse paint and growling and fuzzy riffs are some highly intelligent, non threatening people with a good sense of humor and a very appealing demeanor.

Then again there was a point when Fenriz tore an interviewer a new asshole.

I wish I was in a trailer camp listening to Anthrax.

So, if you like documentaries or black metal check this out- it's streaming on Netflix.


  1. It's not surprising. After all, they are people just like you and me. The fact they make that kind of music, doesn't turn em into monsters or serial killers. Sadly most people dont see it that way, and i don't know why.

  2. @Hasidic Plumber
    I know what you mean. People are so hateful toward Varg Vikernes because he's a black metal musician, and arsonist, and he killed someone. Never taking into account that black metal was a reaction to the musical beliefs of society at large, the arson was an act of revenge for the Christian destruction of the native culture, and that the person he "murdered" had been threatening to kill him.

    No one ever looks at people has a whole anymore, just at one fact of their life and judges them based on that.

  3. @Hasicic Plumber and Dylanthulhu
    Lots of serial killers like classical music. Hitler listened to classical music!

  4. @Beresecules: Did he really? OH yes, he was an artist, huh? Rejected from art school, then got into politics.

  5. @Bersecules I love classical music! Although I will never understand what Hitler saw in Wagner.

  6. I have to watch!
    Had heard about it before, but haven't remembered to DL it. D:

  7. Lol comments here are amazing. No, it's not surprising that these guys are sophisticated. People are people, and in this case they aren't people who are used to being happy with what's given to them.

    I do think killing someone for whatever reason is enough reason to be afraid of them or to put up walls when they come into context, though.

    Also, I smiled at the vid. He was a bit harsh but she had nothing to go with anyway.

  8. This is relevant to my interests. I'm not really a fan of black metal but I find it fascinating.

  9. Generalisations are killing the society. Anyways I don't have netflix, but I'll keep this in mind.

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  11. Nice post, man.
    I really like black metal, and it's kinda hard to find things that looks that interesting. Be sure me and my gf will check it.
    And thanks for sharing it. :D