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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How To Find New Music

Well, now that I just finished damn near a week of coughing up blood...

I know a lot of people whose method of finding new music is going to YouTube, and looking at related videos for music videos. This makes me feel like this.

Not that there's anything wrong with that method, but there is nothing consistent about it. You could end up getting Sympathy for the Devil recommended from The Devil Went Down to Georgia simply because they both have the word "Devil" in the title. (I enjoy both of those songs very much, but you see my point.)

Instead I recommend a service called TasteKid. You type in a bunch of bands you like and it recommends some bands you might like! It's like going to a music message board without a bunch of idiots calling you a plebe. Now oftentimes it will spit out a bunch of bands you know of and maybe even like, just didn't include. But if you get VERY SPECIFIC you'll find some real gems. I found out about Cannibal Corpse, Streetlight Manifesto, Choking Victim, and the beloved Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains this way. Seriously. So, right now I'm going to input every band I've positively reviewed on my blog and see what it comes up with... just wait. It gets kind of difficult to find bands you don't know about/listen to the more you use it, or the more music you listen to.

Clearly this is a problem I have.

Now, I put in all of those bands on TasteKid. These were there recommendations. I crossed out the ones I am familiar with or already listen to.

(Yes, one of those crossed out bands is "Goatwhore.")

So I invite you to go to TasteKid and try it out. If you find anything you like tell us here in the comments! I love you guys!

Oh, and my Misfits tattoo was featured on the most recent edition of Tattoo Tuesday on Zombies Eveywhere, a most excellent blog about zombie fandom. Go check it out!


  1. I go to, choose a band I like, and then to "similar artists".

  2. Hahaha, goatwhore. I'll start using this service, thanks :).

  3. It was you? I love misfits and that tat was one of the best misfits tattoo i've seen.
    And yeah, i don't wanna know about Goatwhore hahaha

  4. Is that picture from How to Train a dragon?

  5. This sound like fun. I might try it later if I have the time.

    Also, that tattoo is yours? Do you know how amazing it is? I'd just like to reassure you that you have an amazing tatt there.

  6. That 84 gigs is what you have on HDD? I win then!
    I have 109 GB. :P

  7. So many ways to find music now-a-days!
    When I was growing up in the 90's we had radio, music videos on tv, hearing about it through friends and hearing bands mentioned in movies!
    But I must admite I love using youtube to find music! I have a diverse taste in music so getting not so related music in the search results is often interseting!

  8. @Bob I have much more than that, just not all of it is in My iTunes library.

  9. 84 gigs ????? DAMN BOY :P

    def +follow
    (much love from if you're interested !!)

  10. Oh, and My 2 Pesos, I do that, too.

    Hasidic Plumber- I LOVE Goatwhore. XD

    Adam- That IS a picture from How To Train Your Dragon. I love the movie and my girlfriend says I remind her of toothless while snuggling, apparently I'm very cat-like.

    D4- Thanks! I thought about getting just a fiend skull, but I saw that design on DeviantArt, not gonna lie about it. I attempted to contact the artist to tell him I was getting it inked, he never wrote back. The Misfits have been my favorite band for 7 years, and I figured they deserved a big piece of skin real estate. People have asked me why I got a band tattoo- what if I don't like them one day? What if I don't? At one point in time it was exactly what I wanted, and I'll always remember the 20 year old me who loved a band so much he marked himself forever with their emblem, and I never want to give up the love of music I have now.

  11. I recommend you try using Pandora.

  12. I have used Pandora, but I like being able to look the bands up and see if they sound like something I'd like rather than just have someone go "LISTEN TO THIS!"

  13. That sounds like a really interesting service, I'll have to check it out, thanks for sharing. Your little counter for time on that website cracks me up. It reminds me of my /played on WoW, except I'm pretty sure I'm past 38 days. I need to get a life.

  14. brilliant, going to be using that tonight.

  15. thanks for the link!