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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Went to a folk show...

I went to see Hymn For Her and Brokeneck at a local place. Hymn for Her is a two-person folk outfit  that plays wherever they can park their trailer and they're amazing. Seriously AMAZING. Here's their song Fiddlestix.

During their last song of the night Wayne sang while laying on his back, with his feet up in the air, Lucy sitting on his feet, him holding her feet in one of his hands. She dangled a microphone over his face as he was also playing harmonica. Amazing. Simply incredible. While they played this song their two year old daughter sat next to them kicking a drum.

Brokeneck is a rockabilly group, and because rockabilly is quickly becoming my favorite genre I was ecstatic when I saw a band get on stage with an upright bass, a washboard (played with three thimbles and a shotgun shell) a crowbar, (played with a horseshoes) and no less than 8 guitars and 3 harmonicas. Made my night.

I have chosen to represent the best moment of the night in a rage comic.

This is the song they played

So, I think I'll be going to see Hymn For Her again at the same place, known as The Vault, on Halloween. The Vault is a bar in an old abandoned factory that also houses several other businesses. Wouldn't pass up a chance to see Brokeneck ever. There was a guy there who also played some very generic country. Not a bad musician, just didn't really dig it.

If any videos from this show surface I'll post them.


  1. Nice music and hawt girl. (:

  2. Brokeneck sounds very talented and all, but that last song that Hymn for Her did, that appeals to me. I love a good show. Love.

  3. My 2 Pesos- I loved seeing them.

    Tony Van Helsing- It's not really that strange, their whole set was spontaneous, they would end up talking about quite personal and dirty things on stage and then realize we were there and just laugh about it. At one point the dude from Hymn For Her told a joke about her, looked at the crowd and said "No, it's cool guys. She's tight. Bounced right back after having our daughter."

    D4- Oh, no. Hymn For Her was by far a better act, and more talented songwriters, Hank III just makes me giddy.

  4. They sound really talented :) Hope they keep going further and someone will find them.

  5. Got to say that video was pretty cool! Great find man! Thanks for the update!

  6. Pretty good songs.

    That "rage" comic doesn't have a lot of rage in it though.. gotta work on that. :)

  7. I always had sympathy for rockabilly people. I had a highschool teacher that was punk and his wife was rockabilly. They were the coolest and nicest people you would ever know. Till this day i still talk with him.

  8. lol nice blog layout... seems familiar! :P +followed, come check my blog out when you get the chance!

  9. Who doesn't know who Hank Willians is? He's Bocephus father! (and the guy the song The Conversations about!)

  10. :) Nice Comment above the Comment box :D

  11. good music, i don't think i could get into that. great post nonetheless.