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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good God, Social Networking!?

Many of you have a Facebook page for your blog. This was something I resisted for a long time, but you know what? Why not. So, if you look over to the left I have added a Facebook gadget. I promise I won't spam your news feed, just some occasional music news that might be breaking that I find interesting and/or a post when this blog updates.

Also! I need a display picture for my Facebook page. Sadly, I have no talent for such things. If someone would be kind enough to make me one I'd do a promotional post about your blog here, and be sure to link to you a few times. And you'd be my best friend. It can be similar to the color scheme here on my blog, or different! Be creative!

And for the truly sick among you- My personal Twitter. Now this Twitter account comes with a disclaimer- Any and all posts I make on twitter may be offensive, but keep in mind the person posting them harbors no ill-will and is most likely intoxicated to some degree.

MD 20/20 And Twitter.

And so I guess you might as well get what you came for... music! How about a song from one of the worst albums I ever had the pleasure of buying for $1.99 from my beloved Entertainmart in Springfield, MO. (They have a few locations throughout the U.S. and if you're near one it's totally worth it. Great prices, nice employees, excellent selection of products.)


  1. Is this a song, or some sort of meditation video?

  2. Facebook won't let me have a blog page because it says I'm not a business or anything. It doesn't like the name Trailer Gypsy. So Mechanical Turk is kind of a pita until you get the hang of it and you have to find good HITS, a lot of them are shitty but there are some good ones on there. The best site for minimal effort is superpoints if you have a friend or two you can refer. If you refer 2 people, you get points when they earn points from the button so it goes super fast. here is a referral if you're interested.

  3. I made you something real quick if you want. Took me longer to upload it than to make it, honestly.
    Image link.

    If you do take it, no blog post thanks necessary, but I'll use it in a blog I'll be making in the future. Fairdeal,yo? Also if you want something different, want it blog banner'd, blah blah, hit me up and things.

    I mean, at least it's something?

    1. That's really awesome, man. It's going on the Facebook. :) You'll soon realize I'm actually a untalented hack.

  4. i am thinking about trying this now. hopefully it will bring more viewers.