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Thursday, December 29, 2011

An Oft-Unheard-of and Even More Frequently Misattributed Cover

Okay, so there's this song, right? And like, it's by The Rolling Stones. It's called Sympathy For The Devil and it's one of the greatest songs ever written. No, seriously. It's amazing. It's a monologue about human history from the point of view of Satan, who claims to have been present but invisible to spur on some of history's most gruesome events. It's been covered a million and a half times, famously by Guns 'n' Roses, Bon Jovi, Tiamat, Jane's Addiction, and many others. However! I can tell you one band that NEVER covered it.

(If you know who this is I love you.)

Even though they never covered Sympathy For The Devil if you use Limewire *shudder* or a similar service to look for them you'll no doubt find a cover of the song labelled as being by them. Why is this? Because the internet makes you stupid. The people actually responsible are...

These guys. This is The Electric Hellfire Club.

They are, according to Wikipedia, "An industrial metal band mixing elements of glam metal, gothic rock, techno, psychedelia, black metal lyrical themes, and experimental noise." This is something I can get behind. I have always been in love with their music, especially their cover of Sympathy For The Devil, which goes a little something like this...


  1. Wow! That is an awesome version!

    I hate it when songs get miss named on the internet! It makes me think of all the dumb parody songs that get credited to weird al!
    Also I don't know who the first band is... I'm uncool.

  2. cool thanks for the info, btw, if you guys like electronic music, just follow my blog for songs of the day and new updates, etc.

  3. Not bad, definitely not something I would listen to on the day to day basis myself.

  4. i just got rocksmith and i was hoping for music like this. Disapointed i am..

  5. Great song! Got a little fun fact from my life on it. My PE teacher in High School promised he would raise your grade if you sang this complete song for him by heart, don't think anyone ever did though.

  6. Limewire is dead y'knoe. It.. it really doesn't exist. But it's the cause for alot of false artist-titles. Bob Marley - Jamaica Rum makes me rage the most myself. But yes, I hadn't heard this version and I enjoyed it. I still get a bit of a love tent for the original, but this one is very listenable too.

  7. That's actually hilarious. Oh, the internet.

  8. that was pretty awesome. im not gonna compare it with the original coz.. well screw it, i still like the original better but everyone has their own tastes i guess.

  9. As a goth, I am ashamed I didn't immediately recognize that first pic. In my defense I just woke up. ;p